Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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North Korea shot dead two teenagers accused of watching a South Korean film


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Seoul: The Daily Mail reported that two teenagers were shot dead in North Korea for watching and selling South Korean movies.

They were made victims of mass shooting at an airfield in Hyesan city, which is near the Chinese border. Even though the death sentence was given last October, the news of it has come to the public only recently.

Another teenager who killed his stepmother was also sentenced to death on the same occasion. Two people who were forced to watch the death penalty have confirmed this to Radio Free Asia.

North Korea has a strict ban on all types of Western-looking content. The North’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un, considers South Korea to be a US puppet. Any content coming from the south is considered sensitive by the north.

But despite the ban, South Korean films and series are kept secretly in pen drives and brought to the North.

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