Wednesday, March 29, 2023
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Air pollution rises in Kathmandu Valley (Photos)


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Kathmandu: Every year, with the onset of winter, air pollution also starts to increase. This year also as the weather is getting colder, the pollution is increasing day by day.

In winter, the air is cold. Because cold air is more dense, it cannot fly away as easily as warm air. Warm air is above the cold air. Thus, layers of cold and warm air create a barrier to pollution within this atmosphere. As a result, pollution is more in winter season. Experts say that lung cancer increases even in non-smokers when there is more pollution in cold weather.

Due to pollution, problems such as heart attack and diabetes are not controlled along with allergies in people. Air pollution is becoming a threat in various cities of the country including Kathmandu. At this time, air pollution has increased in Kathmandu Valley.

Photos: News Agency Nepal

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